Brooke Josa

Red Maca, Why I am obsessed and you should be too!

I discovered red maca 2-3 years ago while I was living in NYC. My quest to try new superfoods to make me stronger and healthier lead me to purchasing my first pouch of red maca root harvested straight from the Peruvian Andes. When I read the benefits of red maca I had to get my hands on some asap!

As a woman with hypothyroidism, energy and strength issues, these were the core giving values red maca root provides.
Not only does this root help with your energy and strength, it also helps balance your hormones...which is a DREAM for someone with thyroid issues like me. If you are struggling with stress, that can cause adrenal fatigue. Stress produces the hormone cortisol which we all know is just bad, bad, bad. Cortisol can make those extra unwanted lbs harder to lose. Another benefit of red maca is it increases libido- which lets be honest, is a great stress reliever! I crave this stuff because it is so nutritionally dense with amino acids, vitamin C, B1, B2, calcium, magnesium, iron and contains a great amount of protein.

I love to mix maca into hot drinks like coffee, hot cocoa and foods like my morning oatmeal. For a grand snack idea(my favorite), melt into peanut butter or almond butter- its so delicious with the added earthy nuttiness the flavor provides. From someone who has personally thrived from this superfood, give it a try!! I reccomend the brands Sunfoods, and The Maca Team.