Table Salt vs. Sea salt

Ever wondered where your salt comes from and why you bloat like crazy after you eat high sodium foods? Here’s a great article on the different types of salt and the effects that they have on our bodies. When you purchase table salt you are purchasing salt that is bleached to appear white, chemical additives to prevent clumping, GMO's, Dextrose (Genetically modified sugar), Aluminum derivatives and hidden MSG. Many people ask me why I choose unrefined Sea salt or Pink Himalayan preferably. Here is an article that explains it perfectly. Salt is something you use in every meal to season your food. It could either wreak havoc on your body (and weight) or give it the natural minerals it needs.

Salt: How This Conventional Condiment is Killing You


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Priyanka Kapoor
Priyanka Kapoor
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There are different kinds of salt which we can use. After the observation of Rush Essay writing service we have salt in our body also. There are some salted food products which we can use. Sea salt is also good for our health.